Purpose of establishment

The purpose of JTA is to facilitate the protection of trademarks and trade names used in goods, services and commercial activities; and to enhance, improve and establish a robust intellectual property system. To achieve such a purpose, JTA undertakes in-depth research and studies, carries out advocacy work, promotes mutual development and communication among members, and liaises and consults with related organizations and agencies in Japan and other countries.


The Board Meeting and the Executive Board Meeting are held in alternate months to control and manage the affairs of the Association. The Kansai Branch was originally established as a liaison office for the benefit of members in the Kansai area, but was upgraded to the branch office to enhance its activities. It is expected to grow further in the future.

Study groups and committee activities are held basically every month. In addition, ad-hoc educational seminars for the JTA members, as well as for non-members depending on the topics, are held on an as-necessary basis.


JTA was established on November 28, 1988. In February of 1987, the Unites States Trademark Association (USTA), predecessor organization to the International Trademark Association (INTA), hosted a trademark forum in Tokyo. This triggered a growing demand to create a Japanese counterpart, and it was determined to establish an organization instrumental in raising awareness of and further developing the trademark system in Japan, through the concerted efforts of attorneys at law, patent attorneys, professors and corporations. In USTA at that time, in-house trademark practitioners, attorneys at law, patent attorneys and other members worked together in operating the trademark systems; actively involved in the reform process of trademark laws by planning, proposing and even drafting the text of such laws; and furthermore, resolved trademark disputes in corporations by discussing the issues and ideal state of the trademark management among the members. With this USTA as the model to follow, JTA was established with participation of corporations, attorneys at law, patent attorneys and professors who agreed to cooperate.


Study Groups

The various study groups are created to undertake in-depth research/studies on trademarks, trade names and related intellectual property. All the JTA members are invited to observe or participate in the discussion of the groups.


The committees comprise of the members appointed from the applicants, and carry out specific missions to maintain and develop the Association.

Kansai Branch

The members in the Kansai region meet almost every month to study issues related to intellectual property.

General Meeting & Annual Meeting

The General Meeting is held every May to approve the business report and the statement of accounts of the previous fiscal year; to decide upon the business plan and the budget of the fiscal year; to appoint the officers; and to hold lectures and social gathering.
The symposium forum (the Annual Meeting), our major event, is held around September, with the objective of providing both learning and networking opportunities. All the members of JTA are invited to join this two-day trip event in various locations such as Hamamatsu, Nagoya, and Kyoto.