• Organizational structure

Organizational structure

The study groups are engaged in research and studies aiming to facilitate the protection of intellectual property assets such as trademarks and trade names used in goods, services and commercial activities, and to enhance, improve and establish a robust intellectual property system.
The committees undertake activities/operations necessary to achieve the overall objective of the Association such as organizing educational sessions and lectures; publishing a journal and other publications; and liaising and consulting with other organizations and agencies in Japan and other countries. In addition, there are closed research committees where only the committee members participate.

Study Groups

The groups undertake research and studies on trademarks and related intellectual property. The group meetings are open to all the members.

Trademark Law Study Group
Study and evaluate the reform or the ideal form of relevant legal systems.
Court Decisions Study Group
Analyze and study the latest topics and trends in court decisions and precedents concerning trademarks.
Trademark Practice Study Group
We hold monthly meetings that focus on activities presentations by member companies or lectures by management, joint sessions with the Patent Office, opinion exchange meetings with patent offices, and lectures by academics and other experts. . In addition to sharing information through e-mail newsletters, we are also working hard to interact with members through corporate ML.
Unfair Competition Case Study Group
Study noteworthy cases and precedents concerning unfair competition.
In recess.
Trial and Appeal Decisions Study Group
Analyze and study all the appeal/trial board decisions concerning trademarks.
Trademark Information Group
Evaluate new database and retrieval systems, as data processing is an indispensable subject in the trademark management.
Designs Study Group

Study Groups (members only)

Anti-Counterfeit Study Group
Introduce counterfeiting cases throughout the world, study relevant laws and regulations, and evaluate possible countermeasures. The study group is held on the 2nd Friday of every month. New members are welcome as observers in the beginning and later to become members as far as they volunteer to exchange their activities.
Foreign Trademarks Study Group
Research and study overseas trademark systems and share the obtained information among JTA members. Hold regular meetings (every two months, basically) to address the recent and noteworthy revisions or precedents related to trademark laws and systems in foreign jurisdictions. Share such information with the JTA members through newsletter, website or journal, as necessary.
Brand Management Study Group
Assist in-house practitioners in implementing the appropriate brand strategy; and assist Trademark/Brand professionals in learning the reality and issues in the brand management and applying such knowledge to their future researches and works. Study camp during the summer is a unique feature of the study group.


The committees comprise of appointed members and carry out specific missions to maintain and develop the Association.

Committees for administrative operation of the Association

Workshop Committee
Plan and hold educational sessions and lectures (pursuant to clause (2) of Article 4, the JTA Bylaws), i.e. 6 seminars on overseas practice (November to December) and 8 seminars on Japanese practice (January to March) every year. Topical seminars and lectures are also organized as appropriate.
Publications Committee
Publish a monthly newsletter known as “JTA Newsletter” and a quarterly journal known as “Journal of Japan Trademark Association”.
International Committee
Send delegates to international conferences on trademark harmonization and express opinions as necessary. Liaise and communicate with foreign organizations and agencies to facilitate information exchange on issues related to trademarks. Publish JTA Bulletin featuring trademark-related trends, legal reform and judicial precedents in Japan to release information to abroad.
Membership Committee
Plan, manage and hold the Annual Meeting under the motto of “study hard and play hard”. The Annual Meeting is held on the first Thursday or Friday of September. Day 1: local factory tour and golf tournament during the day, and social gathering (and an after party) at night. Day 2: lectures and educational programs.
Public Relations Committee
This committee aims at enhancing JTA homepage to publish activities conducted in the association and to draw attention for corporations, attorney and individuals who are interested in trademark.
Advisory Committee
To be updated.
Nominating Committee
To be updated.

Branch Office

The branch office is composed of regional members, and studies issues related to intellectual property.

Kansai Branch
The members in the Kansai region meet almost every month to study issues related to intellectual property. The Kansai Branch arranges and conducts of seminars, symposiums, training courses, classes and lectures in Kansai Area.

Board Meeting / Secretary

Responsible for the management and the administrative operation of the Association.

Board Meeting
The Board Members make decision on the admission/withdrawal of the JTA members and other affairs of the Association. This is held in alternate months basically, and is comprised of the President, the Vice President, the Head of Secretariat, the Head of Treasury and other directors (72 board members in total in 2018).
Executive Board Meeting
The Executive Board Members are delegated a part of the duties of the Board Members. The Executive Board has not been held since 2016.
Responsible for the administrative operation of the Association.
Responsible for the financial management of the Association.